Your Night’s Architecture. Save the date, it’s preview time.

Where did time go. Your preview of “Your Night’s Architecture” is being edited. It will be ready on 30th July.

It seems like yesterday that I felt like I was losing my mind because of chronic sleeplessness’ tight grip. I am still incredulous about how I got over it. 

Then, there was that promise to myself to get to the bottom of what the medical society actually has to offer about insomnia. Wanna make the world a better place? Help yourself to what we actually do know about sleep by requesting a copy.

“But Birgit, what are you talking about? Is this yet another set of sleep hacks? Is this a good use of my time?”

Dear reader, it’s the opposite of sleep hacks, it’s a structured approach. I want to empower you to ask the right questions by working through the questionnaire in the “Here’s Looking At You” section. It’s an outline of questions recommend by physicians and then some. Once you have filled it in, use the cheat sheet to prepare your conversation with your healthcare professional. The whole point of this preview is to prepare you, so you can talk to your physician. You guys should review your situation, prioritise and get the right help on board.

This preview is the closest thing to a plan for you, and it’s for free. It’s part of a movement to help society at large to address insomnia more efficiently. Here’s how what you can do right now.

  1. Either by requesting the preview, answering the following questions, I will send you the preview once it’s ready.
  2. By donating or booking a 1:1, see

About the email, here you go:

  • Shoot me an email using
  • Please answer the following questions: 
    • Are you requiring this preview for yourself for private use? Alternatively, do you need it for your medical practice or other purposes? What’s your profession and age? Please add your website if you have one
    • How did you learn about this movement and preview?
    • I am an Insomnia Analyst, helping people understand insomnia in their context and prepare them for their conversation with a healthcare professional of their choice. Plus, I am leading a movement to address this worldwide issue more efficiently. Given this unique view on sleep and insomnia, what are the top three questions you would ask me if you sat in front of me right now?

I thank you for any way you choose to contribute.

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