#WeWork Cambridge – a talk

So, today we had a blast at #WeWork Station Road in Cambridge.

The topic:

  • Sleeplessness – is it as much of an enigma as we think? 
  • Research and a practical approach to sleeplessness. 

What an amazing bunch. The Q&As are always so enlightening. To some, sleep feels like they are skipping Non-REM sleep altogether. As always, the amazement at what we actually know about sleep, sleeplessness was palpable. Research has so much more in store than meets the eye.

I don’t get tired saying it. Everyone’s situation is different. Yes, there are probabilities with respect to what the most underlying issue could be, statistically speaking.

But all of you deserve the attention and focus the medical society has in store for you.

Use. It. Ask for the free preview of “Your Night’s Architecture”. Fill out the questionnaire. Check the initial findings I have added to start an informed conversation with your GP.

You get to act.

Please don’t give up on sleep.