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I am so amazed at the progress “Your Night’s Architecture” is making. Helping you navigate the healthcare system is everything and there is so much ahead.

Don’t forget to ask for the free preview, a 33-pager outlining to get how it works, it’s a fraction of what the book will bring, already enabling you to see your practitioner.

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Mar 2020 – Medium – a worldwide first & strategic guide for individuals

All hands on deck. Click here for the latest and greatest and what to look out for as individuals.

Feb 2020 – MadWorld article – a worldwide first & strategic guide for corporations

All hands on deck. Click here to view Mad World featuring me. Mad World is a platform dedicated to companies in the pole position with respect to Mental Health & Wellbeing.

  • It’s a worldwide first for corporations.
  • A how to to carve out a sleep-related program based on your company’s specific demands
  • A view on what plays into sleep and how you can carve out a strategy based on what the medical society has in store. Get in touch to shape your strategy

January 2020

What a great way to start the year.

There is a feature out there, so grateful to Velvet Magazine Cambridge.

5th Dec – WeWork Cambridge – what a blast:

“Sleeplessness, is it as much of an enigma as we think?” -> Research and a practical approach to sleeplessness.

WeWork members joined, conference room 2F was packed. Click here for details.

7th November – assisted Maria Conde’s Oasis community:

Ooh, what a great conversation with Maria Conde yesterday. We kicked the conversation off by discussing the most important principles re sleep and then went on to discuss really juicy stuff.

The three principles to understand sleep in your context are the following. Be it light sleep issues or fully blown sleeplessness. The medically recognised questionnaire helps to get some structure in, but the following applies 🙂 

  • Don’t be a heroe (you are overextending yourself by being tough ) 
  • Observe and don’t judge
  • Trace it back to its origin

And while that might sound quite ‘vanilla’, we discussed practical cases. 

  • when to check for sleep hygiene issues (not always relevant and sometimes even unnecessary)
  • a high-level view on what the medical society considers feasible for women in menopause (the research is inconclusive and, as everything else only to be considered in your context, get in touch for the details)

Thanks so much, Maria for having me : ) You are doing a great thing by helping your community to assist themselves with self-care. They will thrive because of you. 

Get your free preview. 

Corporate work: 

I am so glad to have presented an overview of what sleep means last week and how to prepare for high demand periods. It was awesome.

  • Mid August it was time to present sleep, the why, what the downside of sleep deprivation can trigger. We got invited to a great barbecue. Thanks, team 🙂
  • Weeks ago, it was walk-in clinic time. Two days of 15 minutes slot we used the questionnaire which is part of the preview you can order

Online Summit 15th July:

Check out my contribution to Dr. Orlena’s Wellness Summit

  • Why you can’t sleep
  • Your individual context matters so much
  • What you can do by yourself to improve your sleep
  • How to get further help


The Somnex Sleep Show & chairing of the Healthcare Stage.

Trade Day (Friday 12th October):

“Addressing sleep issues as a healthcare practitioner. Can looking at the sleepless in their individual context be more efficient”

Public Day (Sat and Sun, 13th/14th October):

“Addressing sleep issues in your individual context. How to navigate through insomnia and other common sleep challenges.

Further Features

Charlotte, over at whatever your dose wrote this wonderful piece to explain insomnia – what it is, what causes it and how to fix itHer website looks at what a pleasure seeker needs wellbeing related guidance on and I’m proud to have been featured alongside Natalie Lamb.

Jane at The Healthcare Holiday beautifully summarised a massive amount of facts and figures provided, An Expert’s View into Insomnia. Her website looks into the art of wellness specialising in health and wellness from the ancient therapies of the East to the latest diagnostic techniques of the West.  An Expert View Into Insomnia outlines who is prone to insomnia, potential causes, lifestyle factors, power napping, how much sleep is sufficient. She also describes sleep quality and daytime coping as part of what insomnia means.

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