The hills are alive when we get to sleep, aren’t they.

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And yet for some, sleep seems to be out of reach. Let’s address this worldwide issue more efficiently, shall we. It starts with you.

Thank you for thinking of sleep in your context, probably for the first time ever.  Sleep in your context can mean so many things, maybe only one adjustment or many, but I salute you for getting here. We live in interesting times, sleep-wise. We’ve never known more about sleep. And yet, if you try to find consolidated pieces of information about why your sleep might not go as well as hoped, well, crickets.

“Your Night’s Architecture” is a book in the making and part of a  mission to navigate insomniacs through the medical system in a much more structured manner. It is my goal to assist you on an individual level, provide corporate assistance and speak out about public changes required. Awesome, I know, and so much work ahead.

If you saw me at Somnex, the Sleep Exhibition in London in October, or corporate events addressing medical professionals and individuals, my talks and consultancy really hit a nerve. There is NOTHING out there even resembling my approach. If you have ever hoped to be diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder to put an end to years of misery with insomnia, you will get what I mean. My doctors found it wasn’t the case. I spent another decade working my way out of chronic insomnia. I would have needed someone doing my work.

So, what seems to be the problem? Overworked medical professionals with little preparation for the sleepless? Overloaded healthcare systems? Maybe. While I am working towards changing the system from within, we are starting with you. Your healthcare professionals are designed to help and googling during consultancy based on my input seems to be the norm.

The media are picking up on my work too, have you seen the features? My favourite one is the January issue of velvet magazine in Cambridge:

The electronic version can be found here . It’s all underway. Don’t wait or sweep your issues under the rug. It’s time for you to act.

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