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I am so amazed at the progress.

HOT OFF THE PRESS 7th Sep 2019 – your preview is ready. 

I am ready, are you? Ready to take action about your sleep issues, navigate the medical system and book a sleep-specific slot with your GP? 

But how, Birgit? 

Well, if you have ever wondered why sleep hacks don’t cut it for you and couldn’t even begin to figure out what to ask your Doctor, and why… Well, there you go. This preview outlines it all. The right questions to review your situation and it provides you with an insight into their background. 

Get your free preview. 

Corporate work: 

  • I am so glad to have presented an overview of what sleep means last week and how to prepare for high demand periods. It was awesome. 
  • Mid August it was time to present sleep, the why, what the downside of sleep deprivation can trigger. We got invited to a great barbecue. Thanks, team 🙂
  • Weeks ago, it was walk-in clinic time. Two days of 15 minutes slot we used the questionnaire which is part of the preview you can order – Request it here for free

Online Summit 15th July:

Check out my contribution to Dr Orlena’s Wellness Summit

Save the date because you can view it for free on 15th July 🙂 

– Why you can’t sleep

– Your individual context matters so much

– What you can do by yourself to improve your sleep

– How to get further help

It’s going to be exciting because it condenses a very complex topic to a 20 min talk 🙂 

My talks and networking at the Somnex Sleep Show, features (the public ones see below), a major Cambridge company agreed to feature me on their internal wellbeing site…

In March, an amazing two days of providing my 360-degree walk-in clinics helped so many people and I can’t wait to see them again. 

The Somnex Sleep Show – talks, talks, talks and chairing of the Healthcare Stage. 

Trade Day (Friday 12th October):

“Addressing sleep issues as a healthcare practitioner. Can looking at the sleepless in their individual context be more efficient”

Public Day (Sat and Sun, 13th/14th October):

“Addressing sleep issues in your individual context. How to navigate through insomnia and other common sleep challenges.


Charlotte, over at whatever your dose wrote this wonderful piece to explain insomnia – what it is, what causes it and how to fix itHer website looks at what a pleasure seeker needs wellbeing related guidance on and I’m proud to have been featured alongside Natalie Lamb.

Jane at The Healthcare Holiday beautifully summarised a massive amount of facts and figures provided, An Expert’s View into Insomnia. Her website looks into the art of wellness specialising in health and wellness from the ancient therapies of the East to the latest diagnostic techniques of the West.  An Expert View Into Insomnia outlines who is prone to insomnia, potential causes, lifestyle factors, power napping, how much sleep is sufficient. She also describes sleep quality and daytime coping as part of what insomnia means.

Book a session with me here:

As soon as you have booked, I will send you the questionnaire we will use to discuss sleep in your context, followed by a written summary to wrap up after our session. Let’s analyse sleep in your context on skype, zoom or facebook on the next Friday or Saturday available.

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Your Night’s Architecture. It’s preview time.

Where did time go. Your preview of “Your Night’s Architecture” is ready.

It seems like yesterday that I felt like I was losing my mind because of chronic sleeplessness’ tight grip. I am still incredulous about how I got over it. 

Then, there was that promise to myself to get to the bottom of what the medical society actually has to offer about insomnia. Wanna make the world a better place? Help yourself to what we actually do know about sleep by requesting a copy.

“But Birgit, what are you talking about? Is this yet another set of sleep hacks? Is this a good use of my time?”

Dear reader, it’s the opposite of sleep hacks, it’s a structured approach. I want to empower you to ask the right questions by working through the questionnaire in the “Here’s Looking At You” section. It’s an outline of questions recommend by physicians and then some. Once you have filled it in, use the cheat sheet to prepare your conversation with your healthcare professional. The whole point of this preview is to prepare you, so you can talk to your physician. You guys should review your situation, prioritise and get the right help on board.

This preview is the closest thing to a plan for you, and it’s for free. It’s part of a movement to help society at large to address insomnia more efficiently. Here’s how what you can do right now.

  1. Either by requesting the preview, answering the following questions, I will send you the preview once it’s ready.
  2. By donating or booking a 1:1, see

About the email, here you go:

  • Shoot me an email using
  • Please answer the following questions: 
    • Are you requiring this preview for yourself for private use? Alternatively, do you need it for your medical practice or other purposes? What’s your profession and age? Please add your website if you have one
    • How did you learn about this movement and preview?
    • I am an Insomnia Analyst, helping people understand insomnia in their context and prepare them for their conversation with a healthcare professional of their choice. Plus, I am leading a movement to address this worldwide issue more efficiently. Given this unique view on sleep and insomnia, what are the top three questions you would ask me if you sat in front of me right now?

I thank you for any way you choose to contribute.

Did you know.

I am so close to getting the preview of “Your Night’s Architecture” out the door. It’s your sneak peek to understand sleep in your context, whom to ask for help and why.

I am sharing it with a few selected people first. If you want in on that first round, hit me with a message:

The last couple of months have been trying on so many levels and I had no choice but to slow down, take a breather and make sure I am ok.

Loving every single word I am amending, every fact I’m checking for relevance, latest research and just connecting the dots.

Please bear with me. For now, I’m cheering you on.

Stay tuned.

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This movement requires funds to pay for copy editing, layout and further business expenses. Every pound makes a difference to get this movement off the ground.

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The amazing Somnex Show in London

Dear ones,

The Somnex Sleep Show is coming and I will be holding talks 🙂 Are you joining or what. 

Trade Day (Friday 12th October):

“Addressing sleep issues as a healthcare practitioner. Can looking at the sleepless in their individual context be more efficient”

Public Day (Sat and Sun, 13th/14th October)

“Addressing sleep issues in your individual context. How to navigate through insomnia and other common sleep challenges.”